View from the east • The house is located on the east side of Victoria facing the Westmoreland River.
Living Room • Featuring a stone fireplace and hearth built from the original foundation Island stones.
Summer Break • Many gardens around the house have great sitting and relaxing spaces.
The Studio • This large room with barn-board walls, recycled barn beams, and wood stove insert is used for music, exercising, and an art studio.
The Bay Window • Originally in a house in Charlottetown, the window was incorporated into the house when it was renovated sometime in the 50's or 60's. The extension (to the right) was added in the 70's as a clock shop and craft shop.
Back Door • The house has a total of four entrances. The back door leads to the basement and the studio.
Living Room • The bay window looks out over an open field and the Northumberland River.
Barn • Once a horse barn, it is now a garden shed and storage area. A new roof was put on during the summer of 2008 and it was repainted.
Kitchen • The kitchen trim is pine and brick.

Wood Room • This year the wood stove has become our main source of heat with oil acting as a back up.
The Chimney • Recently repaired, it acts as the main stove chimney as well as the furnace flue.
The Kiln Room • So called because it was built to be used as the kiln room of the pottery studio. Now an anti-room and storage room for the shop.
Dining Room • Currently under-going renovation to walls, ceiling, floor, and trim
The Shop • One-third of the gallery building has been used for a storage area, a candlemaking shop, a pottery studio, and currently a large-format print shop.
The Trees • The property is full of mature trees. Of couse, in the fall you have a lot of leaves to rake but they are beautiful.
Contact: Henry Dunsmore • 1-902-658-2733